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OCASE for daysy is tailor-made especially for daysy devices and fits perfectly both daysy and the new daysy 2.0

Is OCASE also a signal blocker?
No, according to Valley Electronics LLC, “Very early Daysys would occasionally run into an issue in extreme circumstances where cellular signals could cause premature draining of the battery.
This issue has been resolved, but the RFID blocking cases seem to have become “a thing” on the forums, even though they are no longer necessary for 98% of Daysy users.
However, we do recommend a hard-sided case, such as a sunglasses case, if you will be traveling with Daysy or keeping her in your purse”.

What about traveling by plane with OCASE for Daysy?
When traveling by plane, you should always carry your OCASE and Daysy in your handbag to keep the device at reasonable temperatures and prevent any extreme temperatures from defecting your device.

Is OCASE for Daysy waterproof?
The case is not waterproof but made of substances with water-repellent nature.

What size is it?
When zipped and closed, OCASE for Daysy is 16 cm long, 9 cm deep, and 4 cm tall.

Is OCASE for Daysy a hard case?
OCASE is a semi-hard case, it is made out of sturdy and durable materials that were handpicked in order to create the most suitable protective case for a delicate and sensitive device such as Daysy.
A soft foam padding inside, and neoprene bubbles on top for additional protection.
For your convenience, a small mesh pocket was added on the top cover for storing the cable.

Which LadyComp devices will fit OCASE for LadyComp?
OCASE for LadyComp will only fit the 2nd (2015) and 3rd (2021) generations of LadyComp devices. 

What are the shipping options?
Shipping options will be calculated automatically and displayed after filling in your shipping address. Most orders will be delivered within 10 business days. For more shipping info please visit our shipping page.

What to do if my order is late?
Contact us.

Does OCASE have any warranty?
Yes, please find our warranty here.

I've placed my order successfully, what should I expect?
Soon after ordering, two automatic emails will be sent to the address you provided, the first with your account details and login info, and the second will include your order details and tracking information.
*Please check your junk box if you don't notice any messages from us :)

My OCASE smells funny!
If your OCASE arrives smelling funny, don't worry, be happy! air it for the day, and leave it open near a breezy window for a few hours.
In our haste to get your OCASE out to you as soon as possible, we send each case from our manufacturer to our warehouse and this is the one and only rest stop before getting sent directly to you.
The case you got was only made a few days ago and still has that "new case", "fresh from the oven" smell.
Rest assured, all materials used are completely safe and the "new smell" dissipates swiftly!